desperate times call desperate measures

July 28, 2007

I have a confession to make — before, i never cared about my weight, but the past few months, I started to fear stepping on the weighing scale.

I admit a loooovvveee to eat. haha. I enjoy trying new dishes, buffet meals, and going out with friends to dine wherever. Just this month, I ate at Saisaki for an eat-all-you-can Jap food, 4-dished lunch at Dampa and we’re only 2 people who ate it all, and dining out is also a normal thing. My favorites – pizza, white-paste pasta, see foods (especially shirmps), and how-ever-you-want-to-cook eggplants! haha.

Before, even in my normal “food loving” appetite, my weight doesnt make any strange change. But now, oh-my.. I gained 10lbs from my normal weight. huhuhu.

I remember the conversation i had with my sister-in-law last year, she told me that when I reach 24, it will be harder for me to loose weight since my metabolism will start getting slower. Back in her early to mid 20’s, like me, she loves to eat a lot. She was skinny then. But from her experience, when she reached 24, her weight started to increase eventually.

My gulay, im 24 na!

Two months ago, I figured that maybe I’d loose weight by food diet. I started buying oatmeals, and limiting my day with only 1 heavy meal. When I order frap on coffee shops, I make sure they wont add whip cream. But then again, I cant say NO to dine-out-meetings, dinner with friends, and other events with free food.

So there, my food diet attempt didnt work as expected. As they say, desperate times call desperate measures. My next step, GYM!

After inquiring and asking around, I finally signed up to a great deal @ Slimmer’s World in Makati (Edsa-Pasay Road) Branch. They offer a buy 1 take 1 promo which I have availed. And I got a free diamond peel after gym.

Well, I hope this will work. Atleast, I can schedule my visits either before or after office.

I need to loose weight!


macho but sweet

June 27, 2007

Yesterday, we were walking along the busy road of taft avenue, near edsa/pasay road.. looking for something to eat while waiting for the car to get fixed. It was raining then, so we shared my pink folding-umbrella going towards the junction.

Not really caring about the rain, the mud, and the scary jeepneys passing along our side, i didnt notice i was walking on the danger side.

him: dito ka nga sa kabilang side
me: huh?
him: pag nahagip ka ng jeep dyan.. masasaktan ako.
me: *tameme

so i caught the sweet side of the macho guy. hehe. ang cheezy!

*thank God, he doesnt read blogs* LOL

i love cebu!

June 20, 2007

i know, i know, i haven’t blogged for a loooong time. i dont even remember how to write a blog. hahaha.

anyway, i spent a week in cebu with my family (june 3-11). kumpleto kaming magkakapatid! with my in-laws, nephews, nieces, and some cousins. ang dami namin! well, we do have an uncle and a cousin who lives there.. so, we invaded their lovely home for a week.

so to summarize the fun, memorable, and exciting week that was, just watch the compiled pictures on the clip. i know i can add more.. we have a lot of pictures! ha. but its better to pick just a few.

i looovvee cebu. hope we can do this again.

since the free wordpress account is crappy, i remember im not allowed to post a object or embeded code here. grrrrr. just click the link to see the photo clip:



i’ll post about our one-day-tour to BOHOL next time. i looovvee bohol as well 🙂


March 22, 2007

I had a meeting/chat this afternoon with “the bosses” over coffee at Coffee Bean. They are offering me a Manager position. And since they knew I’m gonna do PR, Sales and Marketing for *toot*, they’re offering me a part-time manager position. ha.

I never imagined myself as a workaholic.. but I’m turning to be one. boo

what makes you feel stressed?

March 20, 2007

I am stressed, very stressed.

If I face the mirror, i can see my 2 eyebrows meet as one.

Its not about the work load.. I can handle it. I love my job.. and I enjoy working around it.

But you know what makes me feel stressed? VERY STRESSED? its the people around me.

People that expects a lot more than what I should give; people that makes me feel bad after all the efforts I’ve shown; people that doesn’t trust me, even if I’m the only person who tries to understand the situation and be fair.

At this particular point, I think this isn’t worth it.

I need a break.

into the places i’ve never been before..

March 15, 2007

At this point of my life, i see things, meet faces, and go to places I’ve never been before. Its a whole new different experience — and i find it really exciting! 🙂

too bad, i’m so busy to write it down in detail.

Just a random stuff..

  • I personally met a senatorial candidate last night. We went to his house to present a business proposal. It was sooo cool.
  • I have a bunch of meetings to schedule. New business partners, business clients, events for advertising and marketing, new people to work with, etc. etc.
  • I’m a partner of a new business venture. In time, i’ll blog more about it.
  • Surprisingly, i became an anonymous internet community star! hahahaha. no details on that.
  • My Web copy writing gig is selling like hotcakes again! Now, im setting up a web copywriting business.
  • Wedding gigs are back in the ball game. I got a schedule of weddings emcee rakets again.
  • I’m interviewing applicants. 🙂
  • This morning, i had a meeting with a bunch of “company owners”, coolness. And we might partner with them.. in this new venture they’re setting up. we’ll see. 😉


even superheros die

March 9, 2007

i read this from this forum

Comic book superhero Captain America dead at 89

NEW YORK (AFP) – Captain America, the comic book superhero with a penchant for figure-hugging body suits in red, white and blue, has died at the age of 89, shot dead in New York.

The Marvel comic book hero is written out of the script in copies hitting the newsstands Wednesday after more than 65 years fighting villains, felled by a sniper’s bullet on the steps of a Manhattan court house.

“Breaking news: Few details are clear at this time, but the scene outside the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan is a portrait of chaos and confusion as a former superhero has been shot,” Marvel comics said on its website.

Captain America was actually Steve Rogers, born on US Independence Day, July 4, 1917. He was created in 1941 but lacking any superpowers looked somewhat ill-equipped to battle evil next to counterparts like Superman.

Draped in the American flag, a giant “A” on his mask and a shield that handily doubled as a discus, Captain America was part of the US war effort, created just months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

His first cover saw him punching Adolf Hitler in the face and he entered his golden age after the United States joined World War II. But he soon faded in popularity after the war and was retired in 1950 before returning in the 1960s.

However, like Superman’s return from the dead after being killed off in 1993, the door appears to be open for Captain America to return.

Co-creator Joe Simon, himself a little older than Captain America at 93, told the New York Daily News he was saddened by his character’s demise. “It’s a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now,” he said.

rest in peace Captain America.

wishlist on my 24th year

March 9, 2007

im gonna turn 24 in 3 weeks. yay. as per kuya ted’s request, here’s my wish-list 🙂

1. one-day shopping galore. wow!
2. roses. pink roses
3. get big in business. start this year with a blast *wink
4. white chocolate
5. new phone. my old phone wants to say goodbye na.
6. stuffed crust pizza!!! yum
7. romantic dinner date. naks. haha. *dream on jenny*
8. blue chucks 😉
9. date out with my nieces and nephews. timezone. yay.
10. sing at fullcup, one friday night 😉
11. vanilla ice cream with ripe mangoes! yummy.
12. 2 days/3 nights stay at puerto galera 😉
13. laptop
14. family vacation, swimming or whatever.
15. overnight at prayer mountain
16. get more contacts, connections, links
17. eat at ice monster with my boss *naks
18. meet the BIG MEN in our industry.
19. launch new sites. 🙂
20. more singing and emcee gigs
21. earn more in google adsense!!! i gotta reach that goal!
22. out of town trip with friends! tara na mae, riz, jaz, bijoi, hobbes, normi, k.nix at kayong lahat.. out of town tayo after camp! dali. dali. 🙂
23. ipod or any mp4 player
24. and whatever good surprise 🙂

24 wishes on my 24th year. this is a prime age in a girl’s life.. gotta make it grand and colorful. so, many years from now, i’ll look back on this year with a big smile on my face.

this year, im gonna focus on business and career. lovelife? nanjan lang yan sa tabi-tabi. hehe.

vanity, cooking lessons, stolen money, bonding at the cemetery, kuya rics birthday

March 5, 2007

my weekend was full of unusual happenings. yeah. and it felt like a loooong weekend for me, even if it was just for 2 days.

body bleaching. haha. twas my first time to try body bleaching. vain, i know. i used to be sooo conscious about my skin complexion, and felt like it was an unattractive feature. yah knoe, Filipino mentality. However, i dont think that way anymore — thanks to Personhood workshops. hehe.
but you may still ask, why tried body bleaching? the answer – i just wanna try it! is there a problem with that? haha 🙂
so there, they put on this ugly-smelling cream all over my body (excluding the face) for 30 mins.. and i was “high” after that. kidding. haha. it was freakin itchy. but i cant scratch it, because it might give me a cut – and goodbye to my vain skin.
after the session, the only thing i noticed was, my SKIN HAIR turned GRAY! hahahaha. they’re asking me carry on with 4 more sessions.. and we’ll be doing that every saturday. However, I’m not allowed to expose my skin on the sun, and i cant swim on a beach! grrr.. my puerto galera dream fell apart. but then again, i can stop the session and go to puerto galera or to punta fuego this march. bwahahaha
hair spa. yup, vanity isnt done yet. haha. i had body bleach saturday afternoon, and hair spa saturday night. it was more of bonding with my sister. she wanted to have a hair-relax and cellophane.. while i just went to the salon with her, and had hair spa while she had her treatment.

cooking lessons.
confession no. 1 — i dont cook. well, i can fry egg and hotdog if you call that “cooking”.. and i can follow recipes. hehe.
my mom is the best cook in the world, so that made us all – my dad, brothers and sister – good eaters. hahaha. but when mom passed away, we can all but wish to taste mom’s-recipes once more. we used to feel mom will forever be there in the kitchen, cooking like there’s no tomorrow. so, lazy-us, we didnt bother writing and studying her recipes. how we wish we could turn back time.
but then again, we learned few of her undying recipes. And one of my favorites – vegetable patties. yummy. good thing, my sister learned how to cook it. And men, whenever i eat it, it feels like mom is just on the kitchen – not a scary “ghost” feeling, but a comfy one.
so there, my sister and i went to the market to buy the ingredients. and later in the evening, she dictated the how-to while i mix and fry the stuff. yes, i cooked the vegetable patties. i love it.

stolen money.
a week’s wage on a brown envelop was stolen on my room in caloocan when i was deep asleep. freak. im suppose to pay that for the rent in ortigas.

bonding at the cemetery.
today is mom’s 13 death anniversary. we went to the cemetery yesterday, around 4pm till 6pm. i was with my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. And just like any other visit to the Eternal Gardens, we look like having picnic there! ha. Imagine, everywhere around was full of grass, while mom’s spot has fixed marmol benches. so we just sat there, chat, and ate peanuts, chips, and whatever.

so that’s my weekend. i went home to ortigas sunday night to prepare for the coming week. i hope this week would be more exciting 🙂

btw, its my brother’s birthday today. he’s on the plane right now. flight from Hawaii to Marshalls. he went to a medical conference in san diego. imagine, his departure date is march 5 and arrival date is march 7, and his birthday is march 6! does that mean he wont get old this year? hehe.

Im a proud baby sister of Dr. Richard M. Trinidad. He’s currently the hospital director of Ebeye Hospital (is that right, kuya?) in Marshall Islands (its somewhere in the pacific, US territory). 🙂 i sooo love him. and i know, many girls love him too. hahahaha.

happy birthday kuya ric! love you bunches. kuya, pakasal ka na! wehehe. sana nakasama ka when we visit mom. we miss you here.

kuya ric is on my right 🙂
trinidad family pic

SEO Philippines Awards night

March 1, 2007

Like any other big event i’ve hosted, The Ituloy AngSulong awards night wasn’t perfect, but indeed, its good enough to be applauded.. especially considering the fact that there’s only one man behind this big thing.

Some were dissatisfied and frustrated, while others, like me, just enjoyed the night. After all, such gathering is a good avenue to “get linked” with other SEO businesses and experts. And, just like any other organization, The SEO Philippines is still in its first rough few steps. I know it will get better in time.. and soon enough, our country will be well known in this industry.

Btw, I congratulate all the winners for ranking well in the SE’s google, yahoo, and msn.

here are some pics during the event. I grabbed it from someone else’s folder. haha. thanks to him and her.

seo ph

google goodies
seo ph

seo gurls
seo ph

organizing comm
seo ph

triple jackpot winners
seo ph

seo ph pipz
seo ph