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December 3, 2007

i know, i know.. it’s been a very long time since i updated this blog. I’ll soon be moving to a new site (and hopefully, I’ll be able to consistently blog there). I recently bought and as for now, i have no other plans but to install wordpress there, and make it a blog. AND, Optimize my own site! My goodness, I work on SEO-ing client sites, but I havent spent time on my own. *LOL* some seo person am i 🙂

Well, just a few update.

I watched “Fiddler On The Roof” by Repertory Philippines with friends. I was surprised to see a co-cast on my last play “Little Shop of Horrors” (with Trumpets) to be part of the play. And frankly, I was proud to see him. I wonder if I took musical-theater acting seriously.. I could have been there on stage too. More over, I remember the stage-acting opportunities that I refused *sigh* But then again, in life, there will always be A LOT of good choices.. Its all a matter of picking for ourselves what we think is Best. And once we’ve made a choice, even if we see the down-sides of what we believed is Best, there’s no turning back.. no regrets.. It will just be a matter of making the most from it, and appreciating all that there is.

Looking back, I still think I made the right choice. I could have lost my current job if I carried on with musical-theater.. And worse, I could have been wandering again, and praying for directions (like a fresh graduate looking for a job, tsk). I can’t afford that risk anymore.. Not again. And so I realize im getting older. ha.

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This one? I just want to post my SEM Conference Picture 🙂 more pictures here on my multiply

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Series of Concerts
We had concerts for 4 consecutive weekends. And mind you, there were 16-22 songs per concert. huwaw. And even some of us had flu and cough; we didn’t let these sicknesses stop us from singing. I even had tonsillitis on the last concert in Bulacan. It was His grace that kept us going on. After 37 years of His Sound’s existence.. the Lord never failed to bless us, and bless those people whom we minister to through choral music. I love this group. And as long as the Lord calls us to sing, we will give our best shot.

this is during one of our practices in NCUC
His Sounds

more of His Sound’s Concert Pictures here