i want lucky meee la paz bachoy!

It’s a cold, rainy and gloomy day. You know whats perfect for this weather and this hungry stomach?? LUCKY ME LA PAZ BACHOY!

So I posted this YM status this morning while wishing to eat this hot noodles.

lucky me ym status

And guess what? A friend invited me to view his webcam.. and look at the screen below! errr.. i don’t know if he’s a true friend or not *LoL*

lucky me webcam

I guess I should run downstairs, buy a la paz bachoy, and let him view my webcam as i savor the hot soup and noodles. ha.


4 Responses to “i want lucky meee la paz bachoy!”

  1. soughtafter Says:

    Hi jen! ang sarap nga ng la paz bachoy…

    *inggit din*

  2. Rene Says:

    hehe, kayalang instant, daming Wax nyan. hehee +)


  3. jennytrinidad Says:

    ate jam, masarap talaga ang hot noodles pag malakas ang ulan… tapos humiga sa kama.. manuod ng TV. hay.. sarap buhay. haha

  4. Em Dy Says:

    Hi. I don’t want to be a killjoy but ang daming salt ng Lucky Me La Paz Batchoy. Check out the nutrition label. If you must, use a lot of water.

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