On Life, Love, Dreams, and Adulthood

Life is a Journey of hills and valleys were we, as a person, walk through all the highs and lows with our own bare feet, and there’s no better way but to move on in spite of piercing rocks and stones along the way, never the less, the smooth fine sand and green grass, just the same, is on the way.

The past two weeks have been a series of calm peaceful breeze and heavy quakes – it’s unpredictable. I’m happy, but not so. I’s sad, but not so. I don’t know. I can’t define.

I have mentioned in my previous post how I wanted to have that N72 Pink Series, and yes, I now have it in my hands. Ever since my first 5110 phone, I have always settled with hand-me-down phones, not until now. Ha. Truth is, it doesn’t matter that much to me, as long as I can text, call, play games, and set the alarm with snooze.. take note of the “snooze” feature. Haha. (It’s every effective for my “last 5 minutes, pleeeassse” morning wishes).

I have mentioned long ago in my old blog (dated September 16, 2005) all about my secret wishes. And one of them is to:

• do a major musical theatre play with Trumpets

I have forgotten about this dream ever since I started focusing myself on my career, and some other “adult priorities”. But one day, I found an invitation from Trumpets for their re-lauch of “The First Name”. My heart starts pounding again for musical theater. And guess what? I just got the endorsement! Yey! My workshop schedule will start August 20. Coolness. The show will run in October and November (minimum of 30 performances). If things with Trumpets work out, I’ll post an invitation here 🙂

Last week, I had a singing gig during the grand opening of the new office space of this one company in Alabang. It was good.. especially the food. Haha.

So after the cool dry season, now comes the heavy rain. As for the heavy rain, I’ll leave it defined as it.

Anyhow, I still have a pile of work to do. My new “title promotion” is on the way, so is the work that comes with it (especially now that we have a lot of new clients starting this month). I have a new freelance gig and I need to do something about it. Tsikot.com’s 5th anniversary is fast approaching and I need to work on it as well. We’re moving out of the apartment in Ortigas, so now I need to look for a place in Makati. And the 7 pairs of birds, mostly Lovebirds will be delivered this coming Monday, I gotta help buy the plants and arrange the garage.

*sigh* Keep yourself busy, Jenny. Focus. Focus.

Now that Im ending this blog of rants, I’ll still say, and I’ll say it again: I’m happy, but not so. I’s sad, but not so. I don’t know. I can’t define.


2 Responses to “On Life, Love, Dreams, and Adulthood”

  1. Broks Says:

    ey! musta! just to let you know… im back. 🙂

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    hi broks! welcome back to the blogging world! 😀

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