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Nokia N72 Pink Limited Edition

July 30, 2007

i fell in love with it that very moment i saw it.

nokia n72 pink limited edition

i’ll meet the seller soon. ha.


desperate times call desperate measures

July 28, 2007

I have a confession to make — before, i never cared about my weight, but the past few months, I started to fear stepping on the weighing scale.

I admit a loooovvveee to eat. haha. I enjoy trying new dishes, buffet meals, and going out with friends to dine wherever. Just this month, I ate at Saisaki for an eat-all-you-can Jap food, 4-dished lunch at Dampa and we’re only 2 people who ate it all, and dining out is also a normal thing. My favorites – pizza, white-paste pasta, see foods (especially shirmps), and how-ever-you-want-to-cook eggplants! haha.

Before, even in my normal “food loving” appetite, my weight doesnt make any strange change. But now, oh-my.. I gained 10lbs from my normal weight. huhuhu.

I remember the conversation i had with my sister-in-law last year, she told me that when I reach 24, it will be harder for me to loose weight since my metabolism will start getting slower. Back in her early to mid 20’s, like me, she loves to eat a lot. She was skinny then. But from her experience, when she reached 24, her weight started to increase eventually.

My gulay, im 24 na!

Two months ago, I figured that maybe I’d loose weight by food diet. I started buying oatmeals, and limiting my day with only 1 heavy meal. When I order frap on coffee shops, I make sure they wont add whip cream. But then again, I cant say NO to dine-out-meetings, dinner with friends, and other events with free food.

So there, my food diet attempt didnt work as expected. As they say, desperate times call desperate measures. My next step, GYM!

After inquiring and asking around, I finally signed up to a great deal @ Slimmer’s World in Makati (Edsa-Pasay Road) Branch. They offer a buy 1 take 1 promo which I have availed. And I got a free diamond peel after gym.

Well, I hope this will work. Atleast, I can schedule my visits either before or after office.

I need to loose weight!