what makes you feel stressed?

I am stressed, very stressed.

If I face the mirror, i can see my 2 eyebrows meet as one.

Its not about the work load.. I can handle it. I love my job.. and I enjoy working around it.

But you know what makes me feel stressed? VERY STRESSED? its the people around me.

People that expects a lot more than what I should give; people that makes me feel bad after all the efforts I’ve shown; people that doesn’t trust me, even if I’m the only person who tries to understand the situation and be fair.

At this particular point, I think this isn’t worth it.

I need a break.


13 Responses to “what makes you feel stressed?”

  1. TED Says:

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE* I wish I could give you a break. Ha. Sorry. I’m working too though, you’re not alone. And some of the people I work with annoy me. Ha! (=-

    I love you bunches sister. I can’t wait to see you again. Hopefully it’ll happen next year. (=-

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    thanks kuya ted 🙂

  3. TED Says:

    You’re welcome sweetheart. (=- *squeeze*

  4. tarits Says:

    haay…stressful people seem to increase the pressure tenfold.
    but you are not alone. =)


  5. jozzua Says:

    Have a kitkat. Write a blog entry. Get a Hug. 🙂

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    yeah. i need a rest. baka bukas ng gabi. sana *cross-finger

  7. Christy Zutautas Says:

    Everyone I know is so stressed out. Including me. We need less work, more breaks, and a lot of chocolate for starters. If you need a break, you should take a one, and get some rest and relaxation. You’ll feel better!

  8. jennytrinidad Says:

    hi christy, yeah.. everyone is stressed out. yummy, chocolates 🙂 but i think i prefer strawberry shake as a starter. hmmm.. thanks for droppin by 😉

  9. normi Says:

    baliktad tayo ng sitwasyon haha.

    don’t mind them. everywhere, there’ll always be people who won’t appreciate your efforts and pull you down because of their own selfish reasons. since you got work basically covered, you just need people (kahet isa lang) who’d back you up and believe in you and you’ll do just fine, honey. 🙂

    look at the bigger picture. you’re almost there jen. 😉

    smile ka lang. tas pag may humirit, hiritan mo din sila ng “wenyo, wateber to you!” [“,]b

  10. normi Says:

    it helps if you read dilbert. you’ll learn to appreciate the humor behind dilbert comics pag stressed ka. hehehe. yun ang pang-aliw ko ngayon. try mo. 🙂

  11. arvin Says:

    i just came across ur site from a friend’s site.. i can relate to this post hehe.. sometimes it’s the people and the environment around you that makes your work very stressful eventhough you love what you’re doing..
    it’s crab mentality 🙂

  12. HAK Says:

    “But you know what makes me feel stressed? VERY STRESSED? its the people around me.”

    The people around you can’t make you feel anything!

    “effective stress management involves learning to set limits and to say “No” to some demands that others make.”

    Communicate !

  13. cassie Says:

    I feel stressed because of school, my parents expect me to do good, and my teachers are pushing me way to hard and I hate it

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