vanity, cooking lessons, stolen money, bonding at the cemetery, kuya rics birthday

my weekend was full of unusual happenings. yeah. and it felt like a loooong weekend for me, even if it was just for 2 days.

body bleaching. haha. twas my first time to try body bleaching. vain, i know. i used to be sooo conscious about my skin complexion, and felt like it was an unattractive feature. yah knoe, Filipino mentality. However, i dont think that way anymore — thanks to Personhood workshops. hehe.
but you may still ask, why tried body bleaching? the answer – i just wanna try it! is there a problem with that? haha πŸ™‚
so there, they put on this ugly-smelling cream all over my body (excluding the face) for 30 mins.. and i was “high” after that. kidding. haha. it was freakin itchy. but i cant scratch it, because it might give me a cut – and goodbye to my vain skin.
after the session, the only thing i noticed was, my SKIN HAIR turned GRAY! hahahaha. they’re asking me carry on with 4 more sessions.. and we’ll be doing that every saturday. However, I’m not allowed to expose my skin on the sun, and i cant swim on a beach! grrr.. my puerto galera dream fell apart. but then again, i can stop the session and go to puerto galera or to punta fuego this march. bwahahaha
hair spa. yup, vanity isnt done yet. haha. i had body bleach saturday afternoon, and hair spa saturday night. it was more of bonding with my sister. she wanted to have a hair-relax and cellophane.. while i just went to the salon with her, and had hair spa while she had her treatment.

cooking lessons.
confession no. 1 — i dont cook. well, i can fry egg and hotdog if you call that “cooking”.. and i can follow recipes. hehe.
my mom is the best cook in the world, so that made us all – my dad, brothers and sister – good eaters. hahaha. but when mom passed away, we can all but wish to taste mom’s-recipes once more. we used to feel mom will forever be there in the kitchen, cooking like there’s no tomorrow. so, lazy-us, we didnt bother writing and studying her recipes. how we wish we could turn back time.
but then again, we learned few of her undying recipes. And one of my favorites – vegetable patties. yummy. good thing, my sister learned how to cook it. And men, whenever i eat it, it feels like mom is just on the kitchen – not a scary “ghost” feeling, but a comfy one.
so there, my sister and i went to the market to buy the ingredients. and later in the evening, she dictated the how-to while i mix and fry the stuff. yes, i cooked the vegetable patties. i love it.

stolen money.
a week’s wage on a brown envelop was stolen on my room in caloocan when i was deep asleep. freak. im suppose to pay that for the rent in ortigas.

bonding at the cemetery.
today is mom’s 13 death anniversary. we went to the cemetery yesterday, around 4pm till 6pm. i was with my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. And just like any other visit to the Eternal Gardens, we look like having picnic there! ha. Imagine, everywhere around was full of grass, while mom’s spot has fixed marmol benches. so we just sat there, chat, and ate peanuts, chips, and whatever.

so that’s my weekend. i went home to ortigas sunday night to prepare for the coming week. i hope this week would be more exciting πŸ™‚

btw, its my brother’s birthday today. he’s on the plane right now. flight from Hawaii to Marshalls. he went to a medical conference in san diego. imagine, his departure date is march 5 and arrival date is march 7, and his birthday is march 6! does that mean he wont get old this year? hehe.

Im a proud baby sister of Dr. Richard M. Trinidad. He’s currently the hospital director of Ebeye Hospital (is that right, kuya?) in Marshall Islands (its somewhere in the pacific, US territory). πŸ™‚ i sooo love him. and i know, many girls love him too. hahahaha.

happy birthday kuya ric! love you bunches. kuya, pakasal ka na! wehehe. sana nakasama ka when we visit mom. we miss you here.

kuya ric is on my right πŸ™‚
trinidad family pic

8 Responses to “vanity, cooking lessons, stolen money, bonding at the cemetery, kuya rics birthday”

  1. jozzua Says:

    So why would you suddenly want to learn how to cook? Hmm? People do say Great Food is the fastest way to a man’s heart. Bwhahahaha!

    I didn’t know about your mom. Sorry about that and I hope you can recreate those favorite dishes. πŸ™‚

    Body BLeach? Pretty ka naman a.. Pretty funny.

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    hahaha. “Great Food is the fastest way to a man’s heart”. sabi nga nila πŸ™‚ dapat pag nag asawa ako, marunong magluto yung mapapangasawa ko.. kung hindi, pritong itlog ang ulam namin araw-araw. hehe.

    about the body bleach. trip ko lang naman. not that im not confident with my skin. hehe πŸ™‚

  3. Mr. Kupy Says:

    shh ka lang ha, ako nagnakaw ng pera mu πŸ˜›

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    haha. ako nga may utang sayo e! πŸ™‚

  5. jozzua Says:

    Uyy.. aminado ka ha! Ipagluto mo rin ako Jenny ha, kahit hinde ako si ___. Hehe.

  6. Riz Says:

    yon namaan. kaya ka pala hindi mahagilap eh! sa parlor ka na rin ba natulog? hehe. πŸ˜› uwi ka nga sa ortigas huy! bago bedsheet naten whehe. Dark blue. para hindi halata na madumi. ha, ha πŸ˜›

  7. jennytrinidad Says:

    @ jozzua. sige ba, ipagluluto ko kayo! basta ba ako emcee sa kasal mo e (promise, libre na kanta ko) hehe πŸ™‚

    sinong _____ naman yan? hahaha. pambihira.

    @ riz. really? dark blue sheets? ayos. di halatang madumi.. at the same time, consistent sa ating “blue and green” theme. nyahaha. na-over rule natin yung “orange and brown” ni aster. hahahaha. i’ll be in ortigas tonight πŸ™‚ yah knoe, kelangan ko maghanapbuhay ng todo ngayon para marecover ang budget na nanakaw. hay.. buhay nga naman o.

  8. jozzua Says:

    Sige lang jenny, sige lang. πŸ˜€

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