SEO Philippines Awards night

Like any other big event i’ve hosted, The Ituloy AngSulong awards night wasn’t perfect, but indeed, its good enough to be applauded.. especially considering the fact that there’s only one man behind this big thing.

Some were dissatisfied and frustrated, while others, like me, just enjoyed the night. After all, such gathering is a good avenue to “get linked” with other SEO businesses and experts. And, just like any other organization, The SEO Philippines is still in its first rough few steps. I know it will get better in time.. and soon enough, our country will be well known in this industry.

Btw, I congratulate all the winners for ranking well in the SE’s google, yahoo, and msn.

here are some pics during the event. I grabbed it from someone else’s folder. haha. thanks to him and her.

seo ph

google goodies
seo ph

seo gurls
seo ph

organizing comm
seo ph

triple jackpot winners
seo ph

seo ph pipz
seo ph


12 Responses to “SEO Philippines Awards night”

  1. Riz Says:

    it’s dot net. ( 😛

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    changed 🙂

  3. Jaypee Says:

    What’s inside those Google goodie bags?

    I didn’t know you worked with Joni but I knew she was into SEO stuff.

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    5 google goodie bags were given away c/o ms. aileen apolo herself 😉 merong may tshirt, mug, and other stuff 😉 gusto ko nga sana manalo ng google goodies e. but i didnt get one. atleast, may yehey organizer naman ako. ok na rin.

    i know joni personally.. but, we dont work together (just yet, haha. right joni?) we both do seo, pero magkaiba ng office (for now) =)

    yeah. im applying sa company ni joni ngayon. hahaha.

  5. jozzua Says:

    May pics din ako jenny! Did you see? In my blog?

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    kita ko na rin yung pics sa site mo 🙂

  7. jozzua Says:

    Cute naman ng solo pic mo dito (with the Google Bag). Ok lang ba binebenta na kita sa ofc mate ko? HInde naman kayo exclusive pa, ano?

  8. jennytrinidad Says:

    @ jozzua. thanks 🙂 pero, wag mo na ko ibenta. mahal ako. hahahaha.

  9. wyzemoro Says:

    sayang indi ako nakapag papicture kay jenny… souvenir na sana. hehe. gusto ko bumalik ng manila. 🙂

  10. jennytrinidad Says:

    sayang nga wala akong dalang digicam that time. naka nangupit lang ako ng pictures galing sa ibang sites. hehe 🙂

  11. Sam Says:

    I wasn’t lucky ‘coz i didn’t get any goodie that night because i was really late… as in really really late. actually i went there to personally congratulate my good friend Al Palconit who ranked so well with Yahoo at #2 spot. i helped him a little and i just wish i arrived earlier just to see him. NAH, didn’t enter anymore, just took a peek at who’s still there.

  12. bloganize Says:

    pati ung Google doodie bags may minimalistic design din. 🙂

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