1 week to go!

The Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking contest awarding is next week! yay. The SEO Philippines’ community members are busy optimizing their entries, while the others (like me) are just observing the contest entries.

For those who doesn’t know about the contest, click here.

And for everyone else, visit riz’s entry: ITULOY ANGSULONG – by PINKSEO

go pink!


3 Responses to “1 week to go!”

  1. Riz Says:

    wow tenks sa promotion. 😛

  2. jozzua Says:

    Aha! I knew you were familiar! Bwahaha I found your blog!

    BTW Jenny, I forgot to ask, do you also know any wedding coordinators per chance? Being a regular host and all?

  3. jennytrinidad Says:

    @ riz: ofcourse we need promotions. hehe 🙂

    @ jozzua: yup, i have been working with wedding coordinators, and i know some. we can talk about this bukas sa awardings 😉

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