how to deal with car accidents?

i wasnt in the car.

but my eldest brother, wife and 4 kids (ranges 7-13 years old), and my sister-in-law’s brother and wife were in.

It happened yesterday late afternoon.

they were on the way to Clark, Pampanga when their Starex van was hit at the front left side by this big jeepney — have you seen a big jeepney used for vegetable or fish delivery? that kind.

They were rushed to the hospital. My brother was saved by the airbag; my niece who was sitting at the front has wounds on her face from the broken glass of windshield, and her neck is under observation; my sister-in-law and another niece have arm fracture; my sister-in-law’s brother and wife are not in good condition, their neckspinal is also under observation; and the other 2 kids are ok.

my chest is still tight since yesterday. I got nothing else to do but pray.

btw, here’s their family pic:

dave trinidad's family


12 Responses to “how to deal with car accidents?”

  1. TED Says:

    AWWW sis, they look like such a wonderful bunch. All with cameras huh? I bet they’re a wonderful family. All will be okay JENNY. (=-

    I’ll keep them and you in my thoughts of course. Don’t get discouraged, GOD will take care of His own.

    Love you bunches.


  2. Anthony Says:

    So sad to hear that. I hope they will be okay. Will be praying for your relatives.

  3. Jenny Says:

    thanks kuya ted, and anthony.. my sister-in-law and hazel, my niece, is still in the hospital.. and we’re praying for their fast recovery. God is still good, i know 🙂

  4. TED Says:

    Love you sister! *SQUEEZE*

  5. Joni Says:

    Shucks!!! Jenny!! I’m a little shocked myself. 😐

    I hope they’ll be all right.. I really pray they are..

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    i pray too..

  7. Rene Says:

    talaga?…. ill pray for your brother and his family, Be Strong… God is Good….

  8. jenny Says:

    thanks rene. nagpapagaling na sila ngayon. they are now here in quezon city. i’ll visit them tonight.

  9. RedVirgoProject Says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope they make a speedy recovery.

  10. rene Says:

    thats good news… sana gagaling na cla… ingant nalang….

  11. valentines, and accident update « *sweet Says:

    […] *sweet « how to deal with car accidents? […]

  12. Jaypee Says:

    Sorry to hear bout this. It’s good that no one got seriously injured. Hope they all have a speedy recovery. God bless!

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