clumsy me

so here’s how my clumsy day went..

  • my water spilled; i accidentally hit the mug on top of my pc desk. good thing, it didnt drop on my keyboard.. just on top of my officemate’s cpu. hahaha.
  • my mouse fell on the floor. i hit it too. ha
  • my unzipped bag fell on the floor too.. just imagine my things on the ground. errr. luckly, i dont have a sanitary napkin on it. haha. that would be too embarrassing for a newbie employee.

not to mention yesterday, i left my phone at the office. boo

any clumsy experience lately? or its just me. looser. haha.

currently listening | Stop Think Wait a minute by Aliya Parcs


6 Responses to “clumsy me”

  1. TED Says:

    I don’t know if we can continue being friends if you’re going to be so clumsy! I’m serious! Haha (=-


  2. rene Says:

    hehee.. no comment.. lolz… sana d ma wala phone mo .. =)

  3. Anthony Says:

    Hmm. Are you trying to put Mr. Beans out of job?

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    ted >> how could you be serious? haha.

    rene >> so far, never pa naman ako nawalan ng phone sa ka-clumsy-han 😉

    anthony >> mr bean? sobra naman yun. di naman ganung level ng pagiging clumsy. weird lang kasi, contradicting sa pagiging poised ko ang ka-clumsy-han. hahaha.

  5. Laasya Says:

    awww you must be nervous?

    awwwww ortigas. I love ortigas. Happiness is there. hehehe. 🙂

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    yeah, must be stress.. and was thinking about a lot of things.

    ortigas is the place to be! wohoo!! 🙂

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