fairlytale or nightmare?

After a long and stressful day, a good deep sleep is, almost always, the best comfort solution especially with your fluffy pillow on a cold fine weather.

However, last night, this much awaited rest was busted by an unexpected dream. Guess who visited me on dreamland? ha, my ex. hahaha. And on my dream, I was freakin jealous.. seeing him dating somebody I know.
Weird. It’s a nightmare.

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4 Responses to “fairlytale or nightmare?”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Is it true that first love never dies?

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    i should disagree. kasi yung akin, it died na e. hehe.

    this guy on my dream wasnt my first love 😉

  3. Anthony Says:

    What!? You’re first love died???

    Hehe. Just kidding.

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    hahaha. sira :p

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