It’s good to be home

The freelance gurl took a big shift from home-based online gigs to 5-8 office job. Recently moved to ortigas, and would be staying there during working days to eliminate the hassle of waking up 4am, and wasting hours on the road.

but im here for the weekend, back home in caloocan. i miss it here.

yeah. i started my full-time job last week. tue-saturday work, from 6am till 3pm. 6am?! crazy, i knoe. my sleep has been my biggest trouble.

for a year, i get up at noon, eat lunch, fix stuff, then start working at around 4pm till almost sunrise. i miss those days. *sigh

but hey, the trade isnt bad anyway. i stay with good friends in ortigas; and when im bored.. i can always walk around the vicinity – megamall, shangrila mall, st. francis square.. yeah. its all there. i looove it!

so now, im here in caloocan on a day off. i miss it here.  i miss my bed, my pc, my tv, and other stuff. its good to be back home.


11 Responses to “It’s good to be home”

  1. RandyRandom Says:

    I said you can wear everything, you´ll be always nice no matter what you wear. Now I’ve to say, you can be everywhere you´re always nice. Nice mind, and nice smile. Keep up blogging, and keep up walking arround malls with your friends.

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    thanks for the compliment 🙂

  3. Manuel Viloria Says:

    How interesting! I hope your shift to the corporate world does not make you turn your back completely on e-commerce and freelancing, though.

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    I still have my bigger hopes on freelancing. I consider my move to the corporate world as a learning stage – to know how office-set-up SEO companies go about. Coz learning on solo is very limited.

    My big dream is still to do business on my own.. by expanding my solo freelance gigs to distributed jobs among my future employees.

    like what others say, “DREAM BIG” 🙂

  5. tarits Says:

    hi jenny!

    just wanted to ask san ka nagsstay sa ortigas? if its a boarding house/shared apt, do you still have a vacancy?

    kasi im homeless for 6 weeks, starting 3rd week of feb until end of march. di pa kasi tapos gawin yung dapat kong lipatan, eh di keri ng powers magcommute ng laspinas to ortigas.

    hope to hear from you soon =)

    tarits (rita kc 2k3)

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    haha. tarits, tara sama ka samin! guess kung sino kasama ko sa apartment?? si riz! haha. si normi, and other friends. 🙂

    text mo si riz, or IM mo ko 🙂 i think, pwede ka samin.. otherwise, may masu-suggest kameng iba 🙂

  7. baddie Says:

    Can I come too? I’m also looking for a place in Ortigas. hehehe. Seriously, I’m also working in Ortigas (driving to and from Sta. Rosa, Laguna everyday) and it’s so nice here. Better than Makati hehe.

  8. jennytrinidad Says:

    aray ko. ang hirap nga nyan. nakakapagod mag byahe. sige, sige. kung hindi man sa amin available, i know some friends na naghahanap din ng mga housemates dito sa ortigas 😉

  9. marian Says:

    congrats on the move jen! drastic change yan, i bet. and it’s something i might be facing soon too!

  10. jennytrinidad Says:

    yeah. its a drastic change. but so far, nag eenjoy pa naman ako. 🙂 join ka na.. ortigas is the place to be! 🙂

  11. deelu Says:

    Good site!!!

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