moving on

career shift. after a year of full-time freelance, im finally moving on and moving out. goodbye computer. farewell room. i’ll miss my bed. huhu. I’ll soon be leaving the comforts of sleeping whenever i want, freedom of time, and independence.

But yea, hello corporate world, hi social-life. I’ll soon be working and seeing real people at work. haha. Thanks for saving me, before i completely lose my mind.

From freelance/work-at-home link building and web copy writing.. I’ll be working full-pack SEO work in the office. but hey, If you’re still looking for a freelance link builder and web copy writer, let me know. I have writers and link builders who can do the job for you. yeah. im plugging. haha.

Cheers to SEO girls.. we’ll rock the Search world.

quarter-life episode. so, i have decided to delete my previous entry because of personal reasons. My heart and mind is still on a roller coaster ride. Anyhow, thanks to those who left their comments. I’ll soon be better – and im looking forward to it.

Love is healing my heart well. 🙂


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