a year that was.. and the year that is

For the past years of blogging, I had been writing my “year ender blog entry” like in 2004, and 2005.  So i thought about continuing this blog tradition.

And here are the hightlights of my 2006

  • I started doing full-time freelance work January 2006.. where I found great experience and learning with eContent Cafe where i worked as a web copywriter, and later had known and worked for other SEO work-at-home jobs and other good clients, worked with challenging and not so challenging writers, and experienced highs and lows in the industry.
  • stayed at my eldest brother’s house for 2 months, since my other brother came back to the Philippines for a vacation and stayed at our “shared room”.
  • had a great vacation. went to Punta Fuego in Batanggas, putipot and Iba Zambales, Lucena (SBC family camp), Laguna (ATAS family reunion) and Fontana.
  • I met my online and long distance friends this year. I saw kuya ted in person, yey. He spent a 2-week vacation here. It was surely fun. And he gave me a camera too. At last, met bud in person also. And hans as well.
  • I had an exciting love life this year. hahaha. no further details. lol
  • This year, i became a professional wedding singer and emcee. ha. great. I now work with Josiah’s catering and have random emcee assignments. It’s a freelance gig.
  • Other highlights of the year are Franklyn Graham Festival, His sounds concerts, got a new cam, tv, and phone (na-snatch kasi yung dati. huhu), and others.

well, a lot of other things happened last 2006. And i thank those people who had been part of it..

as for 2007, im looking forward to a more prosperous and happy year – full of love, laughters, giggles, friendships, and learnings. I pray for more wisdom, direction, discernment, and strongerer, wiser heart.  I want to know more, learn more, earn more! horay 2007! 

Lord, deep in my heart, you know my cries. I pray for a present and consistent companion, I pray that you’ll heal my numb heart,  and I pray for joy and contentment to whatever your will is. my love is yours, still is.


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