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It’s good to be home

January 29, 2007

The freelance gurl took a big shift from home-based online gigs to 5-8 office job. Recently moved to ortigas, and would be staying there during working days to eliminate the hassle of waking up 4am, and wasting hours on the road.

but im here for the weekend, back home in caloocan. i miss it here.

yeah. i started my full-time job last week. tue-saturday work, from 6am till 3pm. 6am?! crazy, i knoe. my sleep has been my biggest trouble.

for a year, i get up at noon, eat lunch, fix stuff, then start working at around 4pm till almost sunrise. i miss those days. *sigh

but hey, the trade isnt bad anyway. i stay with good friends in ortigas; and when im bored.. i can always walk around the vicinity – megamall, shangrila mall, st. francis square.. yeah. its all there. i looove it!

so now, im here in caloocan on a day off. i miss it here.  i miss my bed, my pc, my tv, and other stuff. its good to be back home.


i love you google!

January 21, 2007

bought my first dot com, and dot info 2 months ago. yea, yea, my attempt to learn and earn from adsense. I made the templates (im not a good designer, i know, haha) and soft launched one on december season break, and the other this january. And used what i’ve known so-far from SEO. and yes, im now getting adsense clicks! yey! though it’s still slow, but it isnt bad at all for less-than-a-month-old sites 🙂 i love you google. *mwah

ukay madness

January 19, 2007

i love bargain, sale, tiangge, factory outlet,  ukay, or any store that can feed my shopping need craving inexpensively. i looove to shop, and dress up.

so, here are some ukay outfits i got. None of it is above P100 – top, skirt, jeans, dress, jumper.

moving on

January 19, 2007

career shift. after a year of full-time freelance, im finally moving on and moving out. goodbye computer. farewell room. i’ll miss my bed. huhu. I’ll soon be leaving the comforts of sleeping whenever i want, freedom of time, and independence.

But yea, hello corporate world, hi social-life. I’ll soon be working and seeing real people at work. haha. Thanks for saving me, before i completely lose my mind.

From freelance/work-at-home link building and web copy writing.. I’ll be working full-pack SEO work in the office. but hey, If you’re still looking for a freelance link builder and web copy writer, let me know. I have writers and link builders who can do the job for you. yeah. im plugging. haha.

Cheers to SEO girls.. we’ll rock the Search world.

quarter-life episode. so, i have decided to delete my previous entry because of personal reasons. My heart and mind is still on a roller coaster ride. Anyhow, thanks to those who left their comments. I’ll soon be better – and im looking forward to it.

Love is healing my heart well. 🙂

get well soon, Eli Buendia

January 9, 2007

Eli Buendia, 36 years old, the famous lead vocalist of Eraser Heads, now the lead vocals of Pupil, had a heart attack.

The band – Eli Buendia with Pupil, had a concert at Laguna last Saturday, January 6, 2007. On their way to Laguna, Eli had been feeling chest pains – which he earlier thought to be a heart burn. So they went on with the concert inspite of his chest pains, and the numbness of his left arm. After singing few songs, they decided to cut the concert and they rushed him to the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa. There, the doctor confirmed that it was a heart attack after eli undergone an andiogram – they saw 2 blocks on his arteries.

Currently, Eli buendia is under observation in the ICU of Asian Hospital. I think he’ll soon be transferred to a regular room.

Lesson Learned: take care of your health. young men, even on their 20’s could die of heart attack (coz i know somebody who just did).

Life is short. spend each day right and driven with purpose, knowing it would all count for eternity.

a day with Digital Photographer Philippines

January 8, 2007

On January 27, 2007, 9am-3pm. Digital Photographer Philippines will be having a photo seminar for newbies in the field, and photo shoot of street children in Sampaloc, Manila. We’ll be hosting the event. It is for free, however the photographers are encouraged to prepare gifts for their model kid, and so for the host organization – Saganang Buhay kay Kristo foundation.

Digital Photographer Philippines do publish a magazine, and they do have an online community here. If you wish to be a part of the event, i suggest you register to their site.

join me, lets watch the 2nd World Pyro Olympics

January 6, 2007

I wanna watch, i wanna watch. will you come with me… pleeaaasseee *big sweet smile*

i was there last year, the pyro display of philippines and another country (i forgot).. and Australia won last year. horay. this year, the contest is on again. The 2nd World Pyro Olympics, here in the Philippines.

January 5, 6, 7, 12 & 13

The Esplanade, Pasay – Behind SM Mall of Asia

i wanna be there =)

gotta love Tuck and Patti

January 5, 2007

Ever heard of Tuck and Patti songs? amazing. Their music is the type of genre that you’ll never get tired of listening.

I’ve been singing since I was 7.. I’ve done solo, quartet (SATB -sop, alto, tenor, bass), band, choral.. name it.  I get talent fee for professional reasons, while others are probono (good for family, friends, relatives only. haha) I’ve been to places because of music. And I tell you guys, tuck and patti songs are one of the most difficult songs to sing, and for guitarists, its difficult to play as well.

so, I’d like to share this video coz they’re simply great. *clap, clap*

watch and listen to tuck and patti here.

a year that was.. and the year that is

January 4, 2007

For the past years of blogging, I had been writing my “year ender blog entry” like in 2004, and 2005.  So i thought about continuing this blog tradition.

And here are the hightlights of my 2006

  • I started doing full-time freelance work January 2006.. where I found great experience and learning with eContent Cafe where i worked as a web copywriter, and later had known and worked for other SEO work-at-home jobs and other good clients, worked with challenging and not so challenging writers, and experienced highs and lows in the industry.
  • stayed at my eldest brother’s house for 2 months, since my other brother came back to the Philippines for a vacation and stayed at our “shared room”.
  • had a great vacation. went to Punta Fuego in Batanggas, putipot and Iba Zambales, Lucena (SBC family camp), Laguna (ATAS family reunion) and Fontana.
  • I met my online and long distance friends this year. I saw kuya ted in person, yey. He spent a 2-week vacation here. It was surely fun. And he gave me a camera too. At last, met bud in person also. And hans as well.
  • I had an exciting love life this year. hahaha. no further details. lol
  • This year, i became a professional wedding singer and emcee. ha. great. I now work with Josiah’s catering and have random emcee assignments. It’s a freelance gig.
  • Other highlights of the year are Franklyn Graham Festival, His sounds concerts, got a new cam, tv, and phone (na-snatch kasi yung dati. huhu), and others.

well, a lot of other things happened last 2006. And i thank those people who had been part of it..

as for 2007, im looking forward to a more prosperous and happy year – full of love, laughters, giggles, friendships, and learnings. I pray for more wisdom, direction, discernment, and strongerer, wiser heart.  I want to know more, learn more, earn more! horay 2007! 

Lord, deep in my heart, you know my cries. I pray for a present and consistent companion, I pray that you’ll heal my numb heart,  and I pray for joy and contentment to whatever your will is. my love is yours, still is.

2006 metro manila filmfest parade

January 2, 2007

on our way to kuya dave’s house, we passed by quezon ave. lo and behold, nakasalubong namin ang 2006 metro manila filmfest parade of floats.

congratulations to enteng kabisote for winning the best picture of 2006 metro manila film fest. though, i haven’t seen the movie yet. i love vic sotto and jose.. go eat bulaga! haha. i finally got it out of my chest. hahaha.

enteng kabisote float