feel Christmas

late post. dec 23, 2006

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general cleaning, eat puto bumbong, christmas shopping. wrap gifts. shopping for self. ha! see my new slippers? cutie.

yes. its Christmas time! yey.


13 Responses to “feel Christmas”

  1. TED Says:


    I love you soo much. I hope your Christmas is wonderful. Say hey to NORMI and RIZ and IVY and EVERYONE! My best to you all on this wonderful holiday. Miss you. *SQUEEZE*

  2. normi Says:

    weeeeeeeeee new home! 🙂 i like the greeny feel. hehehe. lipat na din kaya ako. Hahaha! :p

  3. jennytrinidad Says:

    merry Christmas kuya ted! enjoy your vacation back home. miss you too.

  4. jennytrinidad Says:

    normi, parang ayaw ko pa rin nga bitawan yung tabulas e.. marami kasing naka tabulas. pero, ok din naman ang wordpress. gusto ko lang lumipat to make a new feel in blogging – mejo mas mature ng konti. haha.

  5. Joni Says:

    Hey, Jenny! Luv the artistic way you wrapped those gifts! Hehe. 😉

    Btw, do you remember Deej? Nakita ka raw nya nung Christmas party nila sa DME, and another instance daw yata. Hehe. La lng. Such a small world. 🙂

  6. jennytrinidad Says:

    oh, shux. di ko sya maalala. 😦 short-term memory loss. haha

  7. Joni Says:

    haha! ask riz nlng kung sino si deej. see ya ’round! 😉

  8. jeline Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (love the greenness:D)

  9. jennytrinidad Says:

    happy new year jeline!! 🙂 *hugs, hugs*

  10. anthony Says:

    suddenly i’m feeling hungry. 🙂

  11. jennytrinidad Says:

    wala na nga yung binibilan ko ng puto bumbong e 😦 do i need to wait for another year?? huhu

  12. anthony Says:

    sa Via Mare may puto bubong sila. 🙂 The best ang puto bung bong dun promise. 🙂

  13. jennytrinidad Says:

    talaga? hmm.. masubukan nga. 🙂 it must be good. ni-recommend mo e 😉

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