3 days before Christmas!

hola! i cant believe that Christmas is only 3 days away. Unlike the past Christmas season’s, I’ll approach this day unprepared.  I haven’t had my “general room cleaning” and I haven’t bought amd wrapped any Christmas gifts yet. Oh, no.  This is a bad sign. I’ll be one of those people struggling with Christmas rush.

The season is soon to pass, and the feeling has not yet gone to my senses.  Unlike before, december is the most awaited time of the year – carolings, gifts, shopping, family gatherings, etc. etc. But what had happen? Is it just me and my insensitive feeling for the season? or simply because I’m getting older, and the Christmas fuzz is just for the kids? or, because financial difficulties has been a normal state for most? I dont know.

So for now, i think its time for me to run to the bank, do some Christmas shopping, and later clean my room. ha!

whatever our feelings may be for the season, i should still say, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


2 Responses to “3 days before Christmas!”

  1. wilbur Says:

    good post – filled my coffee break

  2. jennytrinidad Says:

    thanks wilbur

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